Coffee that
gives back 
to our furry

Sip, Save, and Support:
Lonely Paws Coffee Co.
 - Coffee for a Cause

Us And Coffee 

Lonely Paws Coffee Co. was born out of our love for coffee and our deep passion for helping dogs in need. As avid coffee drinkers and proud owners of two adorable puppies, we know that life is better with a warm cup of coffee and the unconditional love of a furry friend. When we decided to start our own coffee brand, we knew that we wanted to create something that would make a positive impact on the world, particularly in the lives of rescue dogs like our own.

Benefits of Buying 
Our Coffee

  • Brewed with Purpose:

    Start your day with a meaningful cup of coffee that not only fuels your mornings but also fuels the mission to save and protect our furry friends.

  • Pawsitively Delicious:

    Immerse yourself in rich, flavorful blends crafted with love, bringing joy to your taste buds and helping dogs in need with every purchase.
  • Feel Good Sips

    Indulge in every cup knowing that each sip supports dog rescue organizations, making your coffee experience even more rewarding.

Our Mission

As passionate dog lovers ourselves, we know the importance of rescuing and rehabilitating our furry friends in need. That's why we're committed to donating $1.00 (USD) for every bag of coffee we sell 
to dog rescue organizations that share our mission.